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Canton raccoon trapping

Canton didn't used to have a raccoon problem. Back before the 1980's, raccoons were rare in Canton and lived in the more remote or undeveloped regions of Ohio. But then they suddenly became more used to urban and suburban neighborhood settings, and are now found throughout Canton. While they are more urban animals, like rats or squirrels, we still regard them as special and talented animals, worthy of respect and humane treatment. We specialize in wild animals only, not pest insects, and we never use poison. We want to help you solve your raccoon problem, but we don't want to kill these animals! Call us at 330-765-0523 to discuss your raccoon issue.

Our wildlife removal services extend to dead animals. We can find and remove dead animals from outside on your property or inside buildings, then help bring the space back to normal with our odor control services. With more than ten years of dealing with wildlife, you can count on us to resolve your issues quickly and humanely. This includes removing animals that can destroy your lawn, such as moles and other types of digging animals. For transparency and to better fit your needs, we can gladly give you a ballpark estimate for our services over the phone, no commitment required. We can even give you free advice for controlling the problematic wildlife on your property, in situations that we think you can handle the issue yourself. That's part of why the city voted us the #1 company for wildlife control for the past three years. We also specialize in extracting bat colonies. We can remove every single bat, without harming any of them thanks to our knowledge and reliance on humane methods like exclusion. We also offer bird control services, in which we prevent pigeons or other nuisance birds from using your building as a roost. Our company carries commercial liability insurance to give your property protection, and we are insured and licensed.